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Our Story

We felt the call, the impulse to unite, embody our spirit and move forward with a common goal of HEALING.


We're Bri and D, founders of Spirit Soul Sistas. We have a fierce passion for empowerment, expansion and transformation. Our gift is to connect with your soul, to see past the mask, to reveal your true potential. Welcome to our space, connect with us, get ready to journey deeper into yourself and your connectedness to spirit. Reach out, we're ready to help you ignite!

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We, ‘Spirit Soul Sistas’, met in 2016 when our worlds collided. At a point where transformation and healing needed to take place for both of us, and with over 30 years of parallel and almost connecting lives, we were finally to meet and begin this incredible journey together. We felt the call, the impulse to unite, embody our spirit and move forward to fulfill our destiny with a common goal of healing.

After all it was written, as it had been many lifetimes before this.

​In remembering we heal. In healing we grow. In growing we change. In changing we transform.

We work to re-align you to your divine path and destiny and support your healing in a space where you are held, heard, assisted and empowered to live to your full potential.

This is deep inner work on many levels, for those who have an open mind and are willing to move into the next state of higher consciousness and vibration.

We are here on this healing journey with you.

With love and warmth,

--Bri and D

Our mission in this life is to unveil the true essence of our souls and divine destiny. To peel back and soften the layers of hardening that occurs throughout life. To awaken Conscious Evolution through the mind, heart and will. To heal, grow and transform.

Through our research, many teachers, qualifications and hands on life experience, we have discovered that this must be a process of embodiment. A path walked in which we have purity of spirit, soul, mind, body, relationships and environment.

We feel and believe in the connectedness of everything and of all of us, and the role that current society plays in creating a disconnection, dis-ease and forgetting of this truth.

We have both lived lives ‘inside the box’ and have faced first-hand the challenges that arise when we begin to question, stretch our wings and grow. These can be challenging times as we uncover our true expression and unique place in this world.

Our work delves deep into our inner being and the connection between us and everything around us, in the understanding that we hold all the answers we seek.

We teach through our passion for empowerment, expansion and transformation, whilst sharing from the heart as we all grow together.​

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Are you ready sista?

Let's get started, together.

If you are ready and willing to move into a state of higher consciousness and vibration, we are ready to guide you.

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