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Space Clearings

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The Spirit world, largely unseen by many, is as real as the physical world that we can see, smell and touch. We come from Spirit, we embody Spirit and we are surrounded by it always. 

In the physical world we are led by our 5 developed senses - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. From birth, we are brought up in a sense perceptible world in which we are taught about and experience these senses in very real and tangible ways. They allow us to avoid pain, prevent injury and experience love. They provide us with a sense of control and trust and without them it would be very difficult to navigate life.

The spiritual world although unseen, has the same profound impact on our daily lives that the physical world does.

The spiritual world is visible through another sense organ – our “third eye” or “inner eye”. It can be FELT through our intuition, emotions and sometimes even physically such as goosebumps.

Like air it fills us and impresses upon us in every moment. It occupies every space and has the ability to flow in and out of our body. If clean and pure will nourish us, if polluted and dense it will deplete us.


The places in which we spend most of our time are at work or in our homes. Here we experience both waking and sleeping life, special moments with our loved ones, anger or sadness from arguments, productivity or loss, stress and people who bring with them both positive and negative energies. 

Given that these places evoke such powerful feelings of belonging, safety and contentment, we aim to preserve their physical qualities. We start by tidying the mess of everyday living:

  • clear the dishes

  • do the laundry

  • make the bed

  • file away our papers

  • tidy our desk

Without a physically clean environment we would expect the consequences of our negligence to affect our physical, mental or emotional health. So what routines do you follow to preserve the spiritual condition of your space? 

There are many contributors of toxicity to your environment and each of these occurrences release different forms of energy into your space:

  • death on the property

  • arguments

  • alcohol/drug use

  • large numbers of people

  • accidents or personal trauma

  • energy you pick up from your day (work, school, shops)

  • EMF's (WIFI & technology)

  • aggressive music

  • low vibrational music

  • previous tenants

  • trauma that occured prior

Spiritually, when your space is left unclean, lower vibrations can build up, causing or intensifying issues.

Feeling the spiritual world is an innately human experience and can have profound impacts on our wellbeing. As a result of the buildup in our space, we may experience:

  • sleeplessness

  • relationship problems

  • nightmares (especially with children)

  • lethargy

  • feelings of heaviness

  • irritibility or anger

  • paranormal activity

  • lack of prosperity

  • fear

  • anxiety and/or depression

  • hopelessness or confusion


Spirit Soul Sistas use a combination of ancient Shamanic Practices and modern day tools along with our own well developed and inherited ability to perceive the Spirit world to Clear, Harmonise and Re-Energise your space.

House Clearing Perth
House Clearing Harmonise
House Clearing Re-Energise

It is through our Space Clearings that the following can be achieved:

  • Removal of toxic and low vibrations, replacing them with clean and high energy

  • Clearing out unwanted or earth-bound spirits

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Energetically protect your space or property

  • Healthy, happy relationships that flourish

  • Giving you back a clear space in which to be healthy and heal

  • Better energy flow with abundance and prosperity

  • Greater mental clarity

  • Creating a space in which you can achieve clarity, abundance and joy


Prices vary according to the size of your home, business premises or land. Please contact us via the below link to receive more information. Prices start at $150.

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