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The story of Spirit Soul Sista,

Daniela Scala. Connect with Daniela directly via our contact page.


As a person with various passions and a talent for research, I have found myself immersed in many worlds and diversities in this life, with my soul's purpose to culminate these into powerful healing tools for myself and for others.
As a child I was held by the spiritual guidance of my grandmother. A woman who awakened me to the cycles of nature, to the movement of Spirit and to the sound of my soul. Through her I was guided to learn traditional healing techniques and practices that I still use to this day.

Like many, I went through a "conventional stage" in which I chose to forget. The external temptations and pressures of who I should be and what I should do weighed down on me and eventuated in me living an outwardly perfect yet inwardly miserable and confused life. This emotional suppression teamed with physical unhealthiness lead to the removal of my gallbladder (if I only knew then what I know now!) and subsequently the development of Coeliac Disease. I was completely disconnected from my inner self, my body and my power.

The death of my grandmother in my early 30’s sent waves of deep sadness and emotion through my body. I had a deep knowing that her soul was on its right journey yet still did not have all of the details and understanding around this. Her passing was a time of awakening for me. During this time my connection with spirit deepened as she communicated with me in the next phase of her journey. I was again reminded of spirit and that in fact it had never left me.

Whilst I was still not yet ready to let go of my material ways physically, inwardly things were moving and shifting at a very fast pace. I was beginning to open up again! I began my journey of cleaning up physically through healthy eating, detoxing, fasting and holistic living. It was here that also I made the choice to leave my career of 12 years as a Primary Educator in mainstream schooling. The impulse to connect back in with crystals and oils came through clearly. I began researching their benefits, uses and vibrational frequencies (yes I am a total nerd and love the facts) and through working with and feeling their energies, allowing them to speak to my soul the connection deepened. I continued on to use these tools in my day-to-day life and with loved ones to assist with many things from emotional support, healing, spiritual connection and raising personal vibration. These are powerful and often-misunderstood gifts from our Earth.

It was at this point that I met Bri. We met at a time in both of our lives where Spirit was coming through strong and the impulse to work together was undeniable. We began a deep dive into learning and working through many layers. For me it was years of emotional processes, physical and spiritual cleansing that allowed me to reconnect with the potential and gifts that lay inside me. This was not an easy experience, but one that was and still is very much a part of my karmic journey. I have needed to experience and heal from so much in order to trust and know how to help others through their own healing.

It was also here that my journey from Mainstream schooling took a turn and I was invited into the world of Steiner Education. This experience has not only helped in my own personal healing but also awakened me to a new potential in an education that fosters the human spirit in children and allows them to thrive in a holistic learning environment. 

Through my ongoing thirst for knowledge and self-discovery, I have often found myself in interesting and diverse areas of spirituality and health. Along the way it has lead to some great passions such as Holistic Living, Scared Geometry, Frequency, Vibrational Healing, Astrology and Astrosophy (Wisdom of the Stars). These passions teamed with my research into Spiritual Science and Karmic Law enable me to offer the healing services of Face and Body Readings, Emotional Healing, Etheric Hygiene, Space Clearings and Frequency Healing. 

My pursuit for knowledge and healing has lead to me to experiences and qualifications in a Bachelor of Education in Primary (ECU), Steiner Education, Psychosomatic Therapy, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Frequency Healing, Anatomy and Physiology (ECU), Emotional Release Therapy, Herbal Apothecary (Master Herbalist Kathy Dunn) and studies and practical experience from various Shamanic and Spiritual teachers.

I do believe that for as long as I live there will be more unpacking, unveiling and unlayering of myself and I know that this is a part of my journey that I can use to help and heal others. I look forward to meeting and supporting you through your own journey of healing and self-discovery.



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