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The story of Spirit Soul Sista,

Brianna Robinson. Connect with Brianna directly via our contact page.

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I have walked many paths, explored numerous potentials, and lived a life with multiple masks and faces in search of my inner truth and my destiny.

It is a continuous unfolding, deepening and stretching of myself, which throughout this life (and many before this) has always lead me back to Spirit and further into the depths of myself and my masteries. This has given me the clarity and strength in believing we all have everything within us, and the knowledge and techniques in which to safely heal.

Ever since a young child I felt the connection to Spirit. Seeing things, hearing things, yet not fully understanding at that age the what’s and the how’s. I come from a lineage of ethnic heritage, which has a deep connection with Spirit and the land, and in this I have experienced and witnessed both the light and the dark of this power. Many of my gifts lay here in connecting and communicating with spirit(s), safe removal of entities and educating others in safe spiritual practices and etheric hygiene.

It has been a huge and timely process to begin to cultivate the harmony point between these energies to create healing for myself and others. A journey of continuous discovery.

Herbal Apothecary is a passion and past life mastery of mine as I combine and utilise the gifts of Mother Earth to support and heal my clients throughout their sessions. This came to full realisation after the birth of my first child. I could not imagine intoxicating this perfect child with chemical impurities. 

This awareness birthed me into a new state of being. At this point I consciously awakened to my past life talents in herbs and healing. The purity of consciousness of my child came through me. From there it moved me into researching, creating and healing with many forms of herbs - from balms, to teas and poultices for myself and loved ones.


By the time my second child was born I had already begun "waking up" from my conventional life’s slumber that I had found myself in. Expectations, unhealthy habits and relationships, disempowering self-talk, manipulation, unhappiness, denial of my truth and layers and layers of societal hardening. They had all begun to take a toll on me. This awakened in me a deeper potential again.

By this point my life was already cleaning up with diet in particular. With a background in Human Movement, Biomechanics and Podiatry, I had a sound knowledge of the human body and began my personal experience and thorough researching of fasting and healthy eating. As I began to clean up physically I experienced an opening of my soul and a slow returning of the abilities that I had in childhood.

It is here at this point of clarity that Daniela and I crossed paths and the connection was instant.

My gift is to intuitively connect with your soul. To see past the mask, to reveal your potential and to help you realise this. To listen to your Angels and Guides along with my own, in being able to tailor the healing experience to what you need in the here and now. 

Through various knowledgeable Shamans and healers as well as the embodiment of my past life masteries, qualifications and life experience, I bring together a powerful healing potential for you. My work is unique and my knowledge in many fields allows us to delve deeper into an embodied experience for your personal healing. I do this through Shamanic Healing Sessions, Face and Body Readings, Emotional Release Therapy and Intuitive Life Guidance.

Some of my experiences and qualifications include Psychosomatic Therapy, Human Movement and Biomechanics (UWA), Podiatry (La Trobe University), Herbal Apothecary (under tuition of Master herbalist Kathy Dunn), Crystal Healing, Traditional Shamanic healing (various teachers around the world), Emotional Release Therapy, Frequency Healing and being a mother.

I have a love of discovering and unraveling the truths of our spiritual world, our karma and ways in which we can learn, heal and move forward in this life. Through my continuous research and experiences with Spiritual Science I am able to share my discoveries and knowledge and how this translates into healing potentials through your own karma and Divine path.

I have a deep knowing that I am here for service and a yearning to heal and help others reach their full divine potential.
I hope that in getting to know me a little better it might spark something in you to clean up, deepen and heal too.



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