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Moon Reports

We have had a deep love and affinity with the moon from children. Being drawn to its glow, the beautiful mysticism that surrounds her, and feeling the different energies in our day to day lives depending on her lunar phase. It is this love and intrigue that inspired us to begin connecting with and flowing with the moon; something that has changed our lives for the better.

Our passion and gratitude for what we have learnt and experienced through flowing with the cycles of the moon strengthened our desire to share this knowledge with others. We want to help others discover that we are all able to tap into and harness the energies provided by the moon, ruling zodiac, planets and spiritual beings at play.

May we share with you our comprehensive Full Moon Reports, prepared with love and intention, and gifted to our subscribers every month prior to the full moon. Our reports are up to 25 pages and include everything you need to know to work with the particular energies at play during each Full Moon. Click here to register for free.

From the newcomer to the advanced moon flow-er these reports have something for you. With reference to the zodiac sign ruling each lunar phase, we discuss the following information in detail, to give you the knowledge and tools to be able to flow with the moon and reconnect with your divine feminine wisdom:

  • The energy of the zodiac

  • Planetary alignments

  • Retrogrades and special events

  • Spiritual beings

  • Relevant herbs, crystals and oils and how to use them

  • Target organs, body parts and movements

  • Practical ways to harness the energies

Report Preview_Full Moon in

We also enjoy including our very own day to day recipes and remedies in our Full Moon Reports, in addition to a 15-minute guided yoga video to help you work with the energies of each full moon.

Check out the links below for a sneak peak at one of the pages from some of our previous reports!

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Target Organ

Full Moon in Capricorn - Oils

We invite you to join our community to receive our free monthly Full Moon Reports via email. These reports will allow you to connect with each moon cycle and your own feminine essence, helping you to:

  • understand your own rhythms and cycles, both emotionally and with your menstrual cycles

  • gain a deeper understanding to behaviours and actions

  • begin to harness your creativity and your own personal power

  • connect with your own biorhythm

  • work naturally to help ease womb dis-ease and infertility to bringing yourself back into balance

  • share this knowledge with other females in your life to create deep feminine bonds

  • manifest and release with the cycles of nature

  • work in the flow of life not fighting against the current

But that's not all...

In between each full moon falls a new moon, a time of rebirth where you are at the starting point of a new cycle. For each new moon, we prepare an easy-to-read mini-report for our subscribers who are looking to harness the energies of these times of great creation and potential.

Sample Pages Image New Moon in Cancer PN

These reports are available fortnightly and are exclusive to our subscribers, please scroll down to register should you wish to receive them. We hope you receive the love and intention behind these reports. Moving through and embodying this wisdom is such a personal journey. We would love to hear how you are bringing this energy into your life …. Drop us a line!

Love and Warmth

Bri and D


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From the newcomer to the advanced moon flow-er, these reports have something for you! Subscribe to receive our exclusive moon reports via email. We release our reports fortnightly, so the next one is not far away!


Full Moon in Sagittarius Sample

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