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Experience Sound

Sound is frequency and has the ability to permeate any substance no matter how small, big, dense or thin. Quartz bowls have a unique ability to create a frequency that works on bringing any cells that are in chaos back into balance. Or in other words works to bring you from out of alignment into alignment, from low vibration to high vibration. This method of using sound can be incorporated into your day to day life, to:

  • Promote positive thoughts

  • Clear and positively charge your space

  • Realign your chakras

  • Calm and quiet babies and children

  • Charge and energise your body

  • Deepen meditation

Are you ready to try it?

Set aside 10 minutes, quickly download our easy 4-step instructions, prepare yourself and then press play on the sound clip below.

Throughout the experience, remember to:

Use the colour yellow in your mind to flow and follow the breath through the body. This will promote further regeneration, healing and joy. As the last of the vibration of the bowls fills the space around and inside of you, grow the yellow light from inside until it radiates its light and warmth to surround you in a glowing egg shape.

If you'd like some help with the use of sound for healing, please contact us to book a 30-minute

sound healing session - we'd love to bring you further along your journey.

Love and Warmth

Bri and D


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