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The medicine

of the future!

If you've made it this far, we are so pleased that you have taken the next step on your path to learning more about frequency and how it can impact your health and happiness.

Frequency is at the core of everything in this universe and in our lives. What we think, feel, watch, eat, drink, believe and surround ourselves with all has its own frequency and affects our own personal frequency in either a negative or positive way.

We have designed a mini learning series, full of information about frequency, what it is, and the answers to all the questions we get asked during our healing sessions and conversations with our community.

Get ready for 7 days of High Vibe Frequency info delivered free and right to your inbox!

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So, what can you expect to receive?

A short email delivered to your inbox every day for 7 days, making it enjoyable for you to explore frequency in detail. Each email is an easy 3-5 minute read and we'll cover the following:

Day 1: What is the difference between frequency, energy & vibration?

Day 2: How does frequency affect you spiritually, emotionally & physically?

Day 3: Our personal journey with frequency

Day 4: How does frequency help you detox?

Day 5: What is biofeedback scanning?

Day 6: How does frequency healing work?

Day 7: How you can raise your frequency

By the end of the series, you will leave empowered with the deeper understanding that in order for us to be healthy and live to our full potential, we must raise and sustain our vibration - and frequency holds the answer.

PLUS - keep your eye out for an exclusive discount to a popular Perth business! In addition, we will be sharing some never-before-released deals on our range of frequency services. Places are limited - so get registered today!

Get Started!

Enter your email address below to register for the 7 Days of Frequency Email Series. You'll receive an email confirmation of your registration straight away - and you can get started with learning about the difference between frequency, energy and vibration in less than an hour after that.

Please check your inbox :) If you have not heard from us, please check your junk/spam folder and mark Spirit Soul Sistas as a safe sender so that you will have no problems receiving the next email in the series.

We can't wait to have you onboard this frequency journey!

Love and Warmth

Bri and D


By entering your email address, you will receive our free report and join our email community. We do not send spam nor do we wish to flood your inbox, you reserve the right to unsubscribe using the link at the base of our emails.

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