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Reinvent your goals and bring them to life

LIFE is a constant movement and it CHANGES. Like waves in the ocean, sometimes crashing, sometimes a steady ripple and flow.

So much this year has already shifted in unexpected ways, so have you?

Plans and goals we had set at the beginning of the year may now seem unacheiveable or uninspiring, but if we are able to look at them in a NEW way can they still come to life?

We are being invited to see how far we can bend, to pivot to sway. To see how much we can stretch our imagination and our hearts to the infinity of POSSIBILITIES that lay before us.

More than ever OUR GOALS are achievable if you're willing to look at them in a different way.

Perhaps there is more time for you to study or prepare?

In the slow down there is time to REASSES and CONNECT in with what you really want.

We usually meet with our anthroposophical study group weekly and last night was the first time we met online with a 97 year old woman joining in!

Never before would you imagine this group of people using technology in such a way, but we MUST adapt if we are going to continue to evolve.

So what is it that has changed for you?

Which goals will you now set or put aside?

How will you adapt and evolve?


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