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Daily Rituals just for you

Because everything starts with you. There is nothing in this world that doesn't first begin with you. How you are within yourself will shape everything around you.

Every interaction, thought, environment, relationship, your body, your health, your children. Everything in your life a direct manifestation of your inner world. Many of us have been gifted an extraordinary gift of time and solitude. If we are able to use this time to strengthen ourselves from the inside out then we will emerge stronger within ourselves and stronger in unity. We have an opportunity here for soul growth and transformation, love and nourishment. These simple rituals will help in raising your vibration and grow your soul:

  • Upon waking, take a moment to connect with your Angel and guides. What messages did you receive in your sleep?

  • Gentle movements and stretches to wake up the body then two feet on the ground at the same time to greet the earth.

  • Drink a glass of water with lemon or make yourself a herbal tea first thing.

  • Open the windows and blinds and welcome in the new day.

  • Breathe. Deeply. Gently. With purpose.

  • Check in with your body. With closed eyes, scan through your body. How does it feel today? What is it telling you?

  • Get some sunshine. Love and warmth Bri & D

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