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Are you in an Echo Chamber?


An echo chamber is a space in which you are fed back or echoed back ideas, beliefs & perspectives. 

A chamber, being a confined space only has the ability to reflect back to you whatever already exists within it. 

These chambers feed back, by design (!) your current beliefs which in turn reiterate and confirm these, & ultimately your whole state of existence. 

Whilst these chambers feel very safe, ultimately they are one of the most dangerous advisories in your souls growth. Kept in the 'safety' of these confines you are not being challenged or shown something different. There is no room for outside perspective or impact on your created reality.

To really find out what YOU truly believe. You need opposing opinion.


How do you know you're in an echo chamber?

* You only learn or research from one or a few of the same sources

* Perhaps you don't do any research & rely on others to tell you their opinions

* You surround yourself with people who have the same opinions & beliefs as you do

* You discredit other perspectives without objective consideration

* You watch & listen to a few select media outlets from the same angle


Everything you are being fed, grows the current beliefs you have, 

👉👉but are these really yours?!!


There are some simple actions you can take to begin to break free of this chamber. Simple actions that require deeper soul strength. 

* Listen & have a conversation with someone different who doesnt have your same beliefs. 

* Tune into something new. Listen or watch a program that would usually challenge or trigger you

* Form a friendship with someone who is very different to you

* Make time to sit quietly & focus on what your inner feelings are 


Are you willing to have the courage to step out if your chamber with an open mind & heart?

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