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Other Transitional Ceremonies

We encounter many milestones in our life journey and the way in which we transition through each has a profound impact on our being and our journey thereafter. These life shifts have the ability to alter our perspectives on our beliefs, question our purpose and cause confusing emotional responses if not honoured in the right way. It has been understood for centuries that only when we spiritually step into, claim and honour these transitions, can we move through life in an empowered way.

There are many examples of these significant milestones that we encounter:

Becoming the Maiden

Honouring a young women’s first bleed.

Sweet 16 

A powerful time for a young girl to step into her magic – a spiritual “coming of age”.

Turning 18 or 21 

The transition into young adulthood, accepting further responsibility and coming into your own power outside of the shelter of your parents.

Milestone Birthdays

Such as 28 (Saturn Return), 35 (Physical Awakening), 42 (consciousness awakening).


Moving into the energy of the Magja. A significant period of physical and emotional change.


The transition into the wise woman, a patient teacher of life experience.

Celebration of the Triple Goddess

Strengthening a woman’s ancestral lineage through acknowledging the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

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Spirit Soul Sista's transitional ceremonies are intimate gatherings, specifically tailored for you and your transitional experience. Our ceremonies are both powerful and moving, creating a space for women to spiritually and energetically claim their new role. Please contact us so that we can find out more about you and weave and create a ceremony that will honour you and your Divine journey.

Ready to claim your power? 

Click on the link to complete a booking form and we will be in touch to create this magic with you.

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