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Moon Report

Full Moon in Cancer

Wednesday 30th December 11:28am Perth WA

Welcome to the Full Moon in Cancer, illuminating our sky on the 30th December at 11:28am AWST!

2020 has been a year for some of the biggest transformations, insights and advancements in consciousness and vibrations that we have ever seen. We have all been tested and pushed to our limits. Our beliefs have been challenged, flipped around and at times we have been left wondering what on Earth has happened?

2020 has proven that just when we think we know something, the cloth gets pulled from underneath us and we find ourselves lying butt down on the floor staring back up to the heavens praying for guidance. Cancer, the deep and highly emotional water sign is ruled by the moon herself, so no surprises if you feel super charged or emotionally heightened around this time. Issues around emotional security, family or the home may all come up to the surface and in need of some healing. It is no coincidence that this full moon comes about between Christmas and the New Year.

We've put together a free report to help you prepare and harness the energies of the upcoming Full Moon in Cancer. Think, recipes, herbs, crystals, Astrosophy, planets and more!

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As we ride through the final week of the year and make our way into 2021, allow yourself to stop, feel, flow and go gentle. Keep your energy clean and your mind clear. Be present and be patient. Endless opportunities are waiting for you on the other side.

Love and Warmth

Bri and D


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