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Face and Body Readings

What if we told you that your whole life story can be seen in your face and body? Your psychology and your biology are deeply and intrinsically linked.

Whilst we tell ourselves with our mind that we have overcome something, our body often has a different experience, storing the memory subconsciously and revealing it in our physical self.

Your body is uniquely YOU. Every line, dimple, shape, illness, mannerism and expression is a part of your story. The story of where you have been, where you are now and your potential for the future.

It is an interwoven layer of karma, past lives and current life reality waiting to be uncovered and understood. It explores the overlay of the inner and outer and masculine and feminine world that lays within you and how this is expressed.


Your body has a language all to itself and although you may not understand it now, it's within your reach to understand and begin communicating with it. When you begin this journey of deep discovery of bringing the psychosomatic

(psyche - mind, soma - body) balance into your being, deep healing and insights reveal themselves.

Your body is constantly in communication with you, waiting for the day you are ready to listen. So how do we interpret our body's language?

Face and Body Readings draw on the principles of Psychosomatics, to read and interpret this language and allow for deep healing to take place.


Breaking down the barriers of our body’s language communication is a multi-layered process and it is through the mastery of Psychosomatic Therapy that this language can not only be read, but interpreted, to allow us to listen lovingly to our discomfort and begin to see real healing take place. 

These therapies take place in the form of Face and Body Readings, which involve deep assessments of your face and body to begin to understand your story and how you are in the shape you are in now. We look deeply into such features as:

  • shape of your face

  • colour of your eyes

  • hair lines

  • pigment of your skin

  • overall body shape

  • recurring illness

  • shape of your nose

  • injury

  • posture

We then unravel the language of your body in a way in which is understandable, educational and safe. You can begin to understand and transform. This opens the doorway for you to connect deeply and meanigfully with yourself. We translate the emotions behind the expression, mannerism, or disease in a way that you can begin to understand and transform. 


Now is the time to listen to your body’s call and unpack the layers to journey deeper into yourself and your connectedness to your personal journey. Now is the time for self-discovery. Book a Face Reading or Full Body Reading online via the below link.

All sessions are performed by us, Spirit Soul Sistas, and we are qualified Psychosomatic Therapists registered with the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy (INTAPT). The depth of what we can achieve through Face and Body Readings is compounded by our deep connection and gifts with Spirit.

  • Investigate the relationship between your mind and your body.

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    1 hr 30 min

    120 Australian dollars
  • Available if you have had a Face Reading session in the last 14 days.

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    30 min

    50 Australian dollars
  • Investigate the relationship between your mind and your body.

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    3 hr

    240 Australian dollars
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