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Emotional Release Massage

Psychosomatic Emotional Release Bodywork sessions work with the knowledge that all that we know and have experienced in this life and past lives is stored in our bodies as cellular memory. 

From the raw, guided innocence of our childhood, through to the responsibility and freedom of adulthood, and the sometimes confusing and misunderstood experiences of a past life, every experience creates its own unique emotional memory.

Positive experiences can bring us a sense of joy, gratitude, love and laughter - subconsciously storing as the fuel that drives our physical, emotional and spiritual happiness.

We can draw on these positive memories to lift us up in times of difficulty or sadness. But what about the more difficult experiences that we endure? The experiences which caused us to feel emotions such as fear, grief, abandonment, trauma or anger? Our bodies cannot be tricked by our mind.

Whilst our mind and body may have appeared to deal with a particular event in the past, the reality is that if these heightened emotions remain in this state of low vibration and are not fully released, they are driven deep into our cells as memories and stored in our bodies, shaping the way in which they work and are formed. 

Emotional Release Massage can you help you clear unresolved events, feelings, beliefs and patterns, bringing you closer to healing to your full potential.

We then move through life shaped by these memories, often unknowingly living with the physical and emotional consequences of this buildup. This manifests in ways such as excess or loss of weight, illness, injury, posture, tension and our overall body shape.

When we understand and work with the body in a specific way to release these stored emotions and experiences from the tissues and cells, deep healing can take place.

Using a combination of Psychosomatic techniques, emotional release processes, massage, energy sweep and our own intuitive guidance we work lovingly to assist you in moving and shedding through the layers of your story.

Our Emotional Release Massage Sessions are performed one on one in a safe healing environment.

We work with you to provoke the flow of emotional energy to release these emotions that have been stored and stuck in your body. Through this process we can help you to clear unresolved events, feelings, beliefs and patterns, bringing you closer to healing to your full potential.

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This is an opportunity for you to gift yourself time and space in which to heal. You will leave feeling centred, lighter, relaxed and in tune with your body. Your body is one of your greatest gifts and you are invited to love and respect it more deeply through this process. Emotional Release Massage sessions can be booked online via the below link.

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