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Belly Blessings

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest blessings and transformations in a woman’s life. It is a profoundly important time for a woman, physically and spiritually, as her whole being undergoes incredible changes and she births her way into a new state of being.

We all experience heightened emotions throughout major life changes, and the journey to motherhood is no exception. 

Through this we experience not only our own emotions, cravings and feelings but also those of our baby. Immediately we realise that we are no longer on our own, but a part of something much greater than just ourselves. 

It is our physical and spiritual preparation for this transition that is paramount to maintaining our connection with our new reality and keeping our energy and physicality aligned. 

In this new paradigm in which a new soul is being grown and nurtured, it is easy for a mother and those around her in their excitement to focus on the child and lose sight of the mother’s great energetic transition that she is about to undergo.

Just as the baby is being cared for, so too must the mother in order to meet this change in an empowered and safe way. 


In our modern day world, the most common approach to celebrating motherhood is through a pre-birth baby shower. Most often, they are centered around the excitement of the new addition to the family and the material ways in which Mother and baby can be supported. 

Our Belly Blessing Ceremonies take part in a location of the mother’s choice and are a way in which to honour the mother and prepare her physically and energetically for the transformation that is about to come. 

This is all about her.

An honouring of her transition from the Maiden into the embodiment of the Mother. With her closest women we gather to build strength, confidence, emotional readiness and joy, as she prepares to give birth and welcome a child into her world. 


An honouring of her transition from the Maiden into the embodiment of the Mother.


During our ceremonies we create sacred space that allows the mother and her women to lovingly weave a strong new bond. This is a time for mum to feel all the love, support and nourishment she can. To work through any fears, questions or insecurities and to move into and claim her role as a mother. 

By acknowledging and energetically moving into this new way of being, she can accept and fall into alignment with her Divine destiny and karma.

To allow for this level of nourishment and care, the mother-to-be can draw on the love and support of up to 10 women who are closest to her in her life.

These women are an integral part of the ceremony and the unity, creating a foundation of sacred sistahood and love that is woven amongst them to remain with the mother and baby through the final stages of her pregnancy, the birth and beyond. 

Our Belly Blessings are a celebration of the mother and an honouring of the journey that she is about to undertake. Expect laughter, tears, warm hugs, connection and fun!

These intimate ceremonies involve:

Belly Blessings Perth


  • An opportunity for women to express their deepest loving intentions for mother and baby

  • Exchange of symbolic or meaningful gifts for the mother and/or baby

  • Sharing of birthing stories and other women’s experiences to alleviate any anxieties or concerns that the mother may be feeling or going through

  • Creating positive bonds between the mother and her women through love, laughter and togetherness

Baby Shower Belly Blessing


  • A calming bath dedicated to the mother with nourishing offerings from her women (ie: rose petals, salts, essential oils) - optional

  • Massage – all women express their love towards the mother with gentle, loving touch

  • Henna – a way to joyfully and creatively celebrate the mother’s belly in all its glory (body paint can be used as an alternative to henna) – optional

Spiritual Preparation Motherhood


  • Women’s circle - Creating an energetic safety network for the mother and her closest women. 

  • Birthing candle – a way of sending prayers and good intention to the mother from any place at any time

  • Red string ceremony – energetically connecting the mother and her women from the ceremony through to the birth

  • Energetic claiming of motherhood through presence and ceremony


Ceremony Duration:

3 hours (includes 30 minutes set up time and 2.5 hours ceremony)

Maximum Number of Participants:


Total cost:


Additional Options:

Henna is an optional addition to our Belly Blessings. We love and recommend ‘Henna by Fleur’ for an additional cost of $80 to be paid directly to Fleur on the day of the ceremony.


We come to you.

Locations within the metropolitan area are included in the total cost however additional charges will apply outside of this area.

These ceremonies are both powerful and moving, and we feel truly blessed to be able to create and facilitate this space for women and the new souls entering this world. If you are a mother-to-be, looking to build your support network, energy, confidence and strength through your birthing process, contact us to find out more about planning a Belly Blessing.

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