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Connect to Spirit

Modern Medicine Healing

Spirit Soul Sistas - - Bri & D

AWAKENING the mind, body, spirit and soul through the integration of spiritual science, ancient energetic practices and holistic living to embody, heal and transcend in our modern world. JOIN US, Spirit Soul Sistas, as we invite you to walk the first steps of many on your path to empowerment, expansion and transformation.  


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We give thanks and honour the traditional custodians of this land. We are on Whadjuk country, of the Bibbulmun and Paperbark people. We pay our respects to the Noongars and Yorgas (the men and women) and to the Elders past, present and future. We give thanks to our Angels, Guides and Teachers. To our own Cultural and Ancestral Lineage and to Great Spirit who guides us and lives through us in all that we do. We give thanks for allowing us to work on this land in service to light and for all that is good. And so it is.

High Vibrational Living

"Epic. Life Changing."

What our clients have to say

Teaching me so much about myself and my place in the world. Helping to catapult me forward with more awareness and ability to tackle challenges with a different perspective."

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Spirit Soul Sistas

We are Brianna and Daniela, Spirit Soul Sistas. We feel and believe in the connectedness of everything and all of us. We felt the call, the impulse to unite, embody our spirit and our destiny and live our lives with the common goal of healing and sharing together.

We truly believe that each of us are unique souls choosing this physical experience on Earth. Our work dives deep into your inner being, paving a path in which you can achieve purity of spirit, soul, mind, body, relationships and environment.



Uncover YOUR path to empowerment, expansion and transformation. 

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